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In Between the White Space (2020)

Written/Directed by Tyler Mendelson, Cinematography by Christopher Ireland.        Budget: $14,048

In Between the White Space is a short film drama set inside the

virtual space of a text conversation. Two veteran friends come

"face to face," detailing the struggles of life after the military, loss

of identity, and the often tragic circumstances of our warfighter's

fighting their battles alone. The film delves into a largely

misunderstood topic, set amid the most internationally

connected, yet emotionally disconnected age in human history.

Written and directed by Marine Corps veteran, Tyler Mendelson,

this short film aims to shed light on a much overlooked topic, one

requiring our care and attention.

Festivals & Awards

Director's Statement

Austin Indie Fest 2020 (Winner - Best Veteran Short)
Vegas Movie Awards 2020 (Winner - Best Drama)
American Filmatic Arts Awards 2021 (Winner - Best Director in Short Film)
Revolution Me Film Festival 2020 (Winner - Best Experimental and Best Social Awareness)  (Nominated - Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Special Effects)
The Monthly Film Festival 2020  (Finalist)
Indie Short Fest 2020 (Semi-Finalist)
European Cinematography Awards (Semi-Finalist)
Copa Shorts Film Fest 2020
Four Corners Film Festival 2020
St. Lawrence International Film Festival 2020
Golden State Film Festival 2021
Fair Winds Film Festival 2020
Direct Monthly Online Film Festival 2020

“As a veteran and a filmmaker, I find myself drawn to telling military stories.

Before getting out of active duty, my Sergeant Major told me that no matter

what I do in life, find a way to give back to the military. Since becoming a

civilian again, three Marines that I deployed with have committed suicide. In

honor of my fallen friends, and all those who struggle with life post-military, I

can think of no better way to pay tribute. In Between the White Space is based

largely on my own personal battles, and experiences I’ve had talking with

other veterans who struggle with depression.

In this modern technological age, we are more connected than ever before,

able to reach those across the globe in seconds. But with this gift of

technological innovation, we have largely lost our human connection,

empathy and compassion. Words through a text message are taken for face

value, signs of distress are ignored, and cries for help are not realized. We

have lost our patience, and listen to respond, rather than listen to



In Between the White Space is my effort of showing these two

modern societal problems, in the hopes that we can better try to understand

those who have served, and challenge the ways we communicate and listen.

We can all do more as a society to prevent suicide. Like my recent film

project, The Hun, which detailed the horrors of World War I, I hope to open a

larger discussion and create awareness.”

Behind the Scenes:

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